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There are few areas in a remodel where it's okay to be trendy and typical interior design rules generally recommend against using trends to remodel an entire space, especially if that space is the bathroom. Fortunately, certain fixtures, such as faucets or light fixtures, are acceptable to choose trendy pieces in, as they can easily be swapped out as deemed necessary.

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Brushed Finishes

Bathroom fixtures that feature brushed finishes are all the rage in interior design. Families and designers everywhere are opting for these brushed finishes because they hide water spots and finger prints better than their polished counterparts. For a busy family, good bathroom designs feature little things like this that help keep the space looking relatively clean even if they're not actually clean.

Brushed finishes can be found on both light fixtures and other bathroom fixtures including faucets and shower heads. This makes it easy to incorporate this interior design trend into your space.

Clean, Crisp Lines

Another hot bathroom trend is the recent emergence of clean, crisp lines in the fixtures. This means straight lines: clean, 90 degree angles and the like. This particular trend can apply to faucets, light fixtures and even shower heads. Plus, many manufacturers are creating pieces that feature brushed finishes, piling trend on top of trend.

Vintage Bathroom Designs

Another hot commodity in the interior design world is the rejuvenation of bathroom fixtures that reflect vintage bathroom designs. This trend can extend from reproductions of vintage pieces to actual salvaged vintage pieces, which can easily be found at junk yards, antique stores, second hand stores and various thrift stores.

This particular trend is also big city New York interior designers' dream. It's trendy, sophisticated and most importantly, when you reuse vintage pieces, it's eco-friendly. In other words, it's a triple threat in the interior design world and hard for people to turn down.

Sensor Faucets

In a world where many people are concerned about the spread of viruses, germs and bacteria, the motion activated sensor has made a splash in bathroom designs everywhere. This trendy faucet fixture is likely here to stay and as demand increases for this type of fixture, the market will become saturated with options, making it an inexpensive choice for you to incorporate into your space.

The interior design world is full of trends, so be wary and opt for choices that best suit your particular needs and wants. This is especially important when it comes to bathroom designs.

Billigt armatur